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Who are we?

We’ve worn many faces.

(and we’re ready to try on a few more)

What Makes Us Super Naive?

We are a creative art studio located in Denmark.

We are Naive. There, it is said. Our confession laid out before you.

We believe that we can be the creatives that we choose. We will not be “starving artists”. We will not atone to the perverse idea that we must be shepherded by a Director. We will not be commodities of market trends. We will not be cautious and skeptical. We will make for ourselves. We will be our own client and our own customer.

We believe that it’s better to err on the side of trust and optimism than the side of cynicism. It is our decision to speak and live the truth, the beautiful truth of who we are and what we’re capable of, against all odds and in the face of all opposition.

People consider naivety as a negative because, by definition, it implies optimism by ignorance. We are not ignorant, I guess we just grew up thinking that when we became adults, we’d get to do what we love. For work, for fun, forever. We are Naive, superbly.


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